10/28 – 10/29

10/28 8:20 – 10:20 Shadow Lane Project pre-design concept sketchup model 2.5 h Project Planning & Design   10/29 9:00 – 13:00 Shadow Lane Project pre-design concept sketchup model 4 h Project Planning & Design   Weekly Reflection This is a short week. A+H group is going to NOLA participating Healthcare Design Conference from 10/30 […]

Nov. 4 – Nov. 7 @ SMHa

Nov. 4 – Nov. 7 at SMHa Monday, Nov. 4: Out of work! AXP Hours: 0 Tuesday, Nov. 5: Today I worked on Redlines again for our 890 project.  Today I continued work from last week and did some panel elevation redlines. AXP Hours: 4 PDD Wednesday, Nov. 6: Today was a continuation of yesterday’s […]

Oct. 28 – Nov. 1 @ SMHa

Oct. 28 – Nov. 1 at SMHa Monday, Oct. 28: Today, I worked on Redlines of Panel elevations for 890 project.  We have a pretty complex panel system on the exterior of our event venue that is supposed to mimic an equalizer.  Because of this, it’s hard to model in a clear way and there […]

Oct. 21-25 @ SMHa

Oct. 21 – Oct. 25 at SMHa Monday, Oct. 21: Today my computer needed to be updated to Revit 2020, so I was on the phone with our IT people for the whole morning trying to get that done!  Sadly, there was an installation error and it never got completed. AXP Hours: 0 Tuesday, Oct. […]

Oct. 14-18 @ SMHa

Oct. 14 – Oct. 18 at SMHa October 17: Revit Model of Windwood Farms pavilion!  I kept working towards getting this done for drawings. AXP Hours: PDD 4 October 18: Finished my model!  I was able to put together all of the drawings needed for CD’s today. AXP Hours:  PDD 4 Windwood Farms Historic Merchants […]

11.11.19 – 11.14.19

11.11.19 Practice Management | Project Planning & Design, 5 hours All staff meeting with a CSL team presentation. They talked about the International Existing Building Code, the Virginia Existing Building Code, and best practices as they worked through code issues with a specific project. The team went through the VEBC and set up a page dedicated to […]


Monday Nov 11th  Micro Homes Competition (1h – Project Management) Micro Homes Competition (2h – Project Design and Development) Today  we had our weekly Monday meetings with everyone in the office to discuss the projects that we would be working on this week. I think I will mostly be in charge and participating in getting […]

Week 12 – Cameron Foster

Overview: Last week I missed work on Thursday due to travel for my community 1:1 class which only left me with 8 hours on the week. I worked on perspective renderings for Discovery Place Nature that week. The renderings had already been done by a rendering company that we outsource our perspective images to but […]