Oct. 21-25 @ SMHa

Oct. 21 – Oct. 25 at SMHa

Monday, Oct. 21:

Today my computer needed to be updated to Revit 2020, so I was on the phone with our IT people for the whole morning trying to get that done!  Sadly, there was an installation error and it never got completed.

AXP Hours: 0

Tuesday, Oct. 22:

Today was another day of the same.  Lots of computer problems and working with IT.

AXP Hours: 0

Wednesday, Oct. 23:

Today I sat in on a meeting about our project in Daniel Island.  It was interesting to hear about all of the details that need to be coordinated to ensure the success of a large-scale project like this.  I was able to sit and listen in, and finish up my IT problems and get Revit 2020 downloaded onto my computer (Finally!).

AXP Hours: Practice Management: 1

Thursday, Oct. 24:

Redlines today for 890 Island Park Drive!  Today I was working on floorpan redlines.

AXP Hours: 4PDD

Event Venue on Daniel Island

890 College Park Road, Daniel Island, SC

Scope: One of our architects designed a multi-use event venue for Daniel Island that SMHa has worked on through Schematic design and are following through construction administration.
Project Manager: Chris Atlman
Role of Student:  I have assisted with Redlines for Construction documents
What I have learned:

I have learned this week to be very careful with what I am moving in a Revit model.  There are tons of people (including structural engineers and MEP engineers) that are working on one project and any move I make is pretty important!  That stresses me out and I don’t like the pressure of working with so many other people.  I also learned that Revit and autodesk products are extremely hard to put onto your computer and you will run into a lot of push back.  And lastly, I have learned that sometimes, you just have to wait and let your computer get to work before you can do anything.  Even though it is frustrating to wait, I really needed to get it done.  It seems that architectural offices are pretty dependent these days on the functionality of their computers.


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