Nov. 4 – Nov. 7 @ SMHa

Nov. 4 – Nov. 7 at SMHa

Monday, Nov. 4:

Out of work!

AXP Hours: 0

Tuesday, Nov. 5:

Today I worked on Redlines again for our 890 project.  Today I continued work from last week and did some panel elevation redlines.

AXP Hours: 4 PDD

Wednesday, Nov. 6:

Today was a continuation of yesterday’s work.  I focused today on redlines for the enlarged plans of bathrooms.  I added toilet accessories and tagged them.

AXP Hours: 4 PDD

Thursday, Nov. 7:

Another day with redlines!  I finished up the toilet tagging and moved onto door details.   Today I added and adjusted all of our interior door details.  I also began working on parapet detail redlines.

AXP Hours: 4PDD

Event Venue on Daniel Island

890 Island Park Drive, Daniel Island, SC

Scope: One of our architects designed a multi-use event venue for Daniel Island that SMHa has worked on through Schematic design and are following through construction administration.
Project Manager: Chris Atlman
Role of Student:  I have assisted with Redlines for Construction documents
What I have learned:

This week I am realizing how important the mentoring process is for aspiring architects.  This is not a career field that you leave school and start right away.  You continue to learn and work towards being an experienced architect for years and years.  It takes more than just school to really be able to understand the process of building a structure.  Thats why finding the right internship or job with a strong mentor can make or break your experience in this field.  Luckily, I can tell that SMHa has a strong focus on teaching the next generation of architects and people take time out of their days everyday to help me and explain things to me.

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