10/28 – 10/29


8:20 – 10:20

Shadow Lane Project pre-design concept sketchup model

2.5 h Project Planning & Design



9:00 – 13:00

Shadow Lane Project pre-design concept sketchup model

4 h Project Planning & Design


Weekly Reflection

This is a short week. A+H group is going to NOLA participating Healthcare Design Conference from 10/30 – 11/5, so I only have two days working this week. My mentor is totally aware of this situation and he is very understanding so that he thought about some quick task for me to do. This is a pre-design concept of a site on Shadow Lane, North Charleston, for Parkway Associates who is a builder and developer. The client wanted to see some potential images of that property to decide whether they are going to develop it. I think this is a good and a little challenging practice because it relied on the architects’ experience, observation of the surroundings and the ability to make quick decision. Since we haven’t gone into the schematic phase yet, we are still undergoing the risk of losing this client. We need to be strategic about how to generate some variations of idea in a fairly short amount of time and not putting too much man power on it. As my mentor has done all kinds of projects around Charleston, he is very familiar with the local architecture style and what the client may like. He gave me some basic direction and then I continued to develop a sketchup model.

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