11.11.19 – 11.14.19

11.11.19 Practice Management | Project Planning & Design, 5 hours

  • All staff meeting with a CSL team presentation. They talked about the International Existing Building Code, the Virginia Existing Building Code, and best practices as they worked through code issues with a specific project. The team went through the VEBC and set up a page dedicated to the code that could be used in future Virginia projects
  • Continued work on Tenet Health Upfit project – set up the door schedule, door tags on our reference plan, and also updated some elevations

 11.12.19 Project Planning & Design, 3.5 hours

  • Worked on updating Tenet Health elevations and adding elevations based on the addition of new sinks at the nurse stations

11.13.19 Practice Management | Project Planning & Design, 5 hours

  • Medley team meeting
  • Meeting with my coworker to review redlines on Tenet Health, discuss the plan changes, and come up with a game plan for diving the work
  • Began work on separate sketch sheets that will show enlarged typical plans and elevations of exam rooms and procedure rooms – they will have shading to show proposed finishes and callouts for equipment

 11.14.19 Project Planning & Design, 3.5 hours

  • Tenet Health – sketch sheets of typical exam and procedure rooms
  • Last day of work as an intern!


  • This week at Novus was a busy one, socially! Not only were there team CSL meetings happening in the office that took over the conference rooms, but there was also the Oyster Roast on Thursday. On Monday and Tuesday my desk location allowed me to overhear a lot of conversations about coordination of open desks and party planning. It reminded me of the advice I’ve heard from my mentors over the years, that networking and taking care of your clients is imperative. I think that’s one of the reasons I love architecture so much – it’s a people profession! You invest in the people you work with as much as you invest in the design. At the Oyster Roast, not only did I learn how to shuck oysters, but I also met Novus employees from other offices and networked with clients and consultants. It was a great experience!

  • Through doing the typical exam and procedure room elevations, I learned more about medical equipment, terms, and  order of operations. For instance, an otoscope is the device that doctors use to look into your ears and an autoclave is a machine that uses pressure and steam to sterilize a sample.

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