11/11- 11/14 + weekly recap

11/11 Hours worked: 4 hours Tasks: Began work on a large scale sketchup model of the peninsula for the 3X3 design charrette that will inform the wall and allow for Design Division to show real scenarios of how to improve the wall while also showing what the army core is proposing. Hours earned: Project development […]

10/21-10/24 blog post and weekly recap

10/21 Hours worked: 4 hours Tasks completed: Continued development of AIA West Ashley boards and began the process of diagramming the site and its surrounding context. This process has helped me understand West Ashley and the issues associated with this proposal in junction with the existing urban fabric. Tasks Competed: project development 10/22 Hours worked: […]

Blog Post – 10/14 – 10/17

10/14- Fall Break 10/15- Fall Break 10/16 Hours worked: 4 Tasks Performed: Filtered through emails to organize the precidence that were shared by the AIA design team. Began work on detailing boards based on the feedback given at the meeting last week. Such as: making drawings more suggestive, and annotation of precidence. AXP hours earned: […]

Blog post – 10/7 – 10/10

10/7 Hours worked: 4 Tasks performed: Prepared boards for the AIA West Ashley meeting to present to the design community that assisted in the original master plans. Also, did some scanning of sketches that would be used on the boards as well. AXP Hours earned: Project development 10/8 Hours worked: 6 Tasks performed: Finished board […]

Blog Post 9/30 – 10/3

9/30 Hours worked: 4 hours Tasks performed: Added detail to the Northbridge sketch up model, redesigned its facades to read more like a “civic building”. Continued progress on the master plans for the AIA summer charette. AXP hours earned: Project management 10/1 Sick 10/2 Hours worked: 4 1/2 hours Tasks performed: Continued to design the […]

Blog Entry Post 9/23 – 9/26

9/23 Hours worked: 4 hours Tasks performed: Assisted Allen in producing neo-classical sketchup models for a presentation on Tuesday. Also created a Post-Modern beauty that was not liked as much. Also reviewed some of his sketches for inspiration on how to start. AXP Hours earned: Project Development 9/24 Hours worked: 4 hours Tasks performed: Finished […]

Blog Entry Post 9/16-9/20

9/16 Hours Worked: 4 Hours Tasks performed: Continued Design Development of the Sideyard addition to the Civic Design Center. Going for a roomy feel! AXP hours earned: O   9/17 Hours Worked: 5 Hours Tasks performed: Began the process of consolidating master plans into digital format that will then be presented to returning members of […]