Blog post – 10/7 – 10/10


Hours worked: 4

Tasks performed: Prepared boards for the AIA West Ashley meeting to present to the design community that assisted in the original master plans. Also, did some scanning of sketches that would be used on the boards as well.

AXP Hours earned: Project development


Hours worked: 6

Tasks performed: Finished board preparation for the meeting at 2pm. Printed and pinned the boards as well as the diagram and master plans that were done earlier on in the process. During the meeting we talked about the steps taken as a result of the master planning charrette that took place in early August. Moving forward I will be focusing more on the precedence that West Ashley can become as well as adding more detail to the axon diagram.

AXP hours earned: project development


Hours worked: 4

Tasks performed: Began work on updating the boards and producing a aerial diagram of adjacency to the site from the West Ashley project. Also reformatted the precedence board so that it will be easier to drop in the feedback that is to be received from the design team come next Tuesday.

AXP hours earned: Project development


Hours worked: 4

Tasks performed: Finished work on the boards and format testing of the context board for Allen to review and send off to the group for approval or advice.

AXP hours earned: Project development

blog: This week was an exciting week that helped me to better my board presentation skills. Tuesday was a longer day that ended in a lot to take away from the overall meeting and how it was carried about. Although it was not productive from a drawing standpoint it was very informal on how to present boards in a professional setting. Another huge take away from this week is the politics within the AIA West Ashley project. Not everyone is going to see eye to eye, to be able to listen and ask questions during a civil professional argument taught me the patience it takes to understand everyone has their own personal take on a project that they are going to convey. From there it would be up to me to take it or leave it.

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