10/21-10/24 blog post and weekly recap


Hours worked: 4 hours

Tasks completed: Continued development of AIA West Ashley boards and began the process of diagramming the site and its surrounding context. This process has helped me understand West Ashley and the issues associated with this proposal in junction with the existing urban fabric.

Tasks Competed: project development


Hours worked: 4 hours

Tasks completed: Began work on conceptual sections for the 3×3 meeting that will be tomorrow. The meeting examines the proposed design from the dutch dialog. Instead of creating a 15 foot wall around Charleston, I was tasked with examining and designing conceptual sketches on the approach Charleston can take threw natural landscapes.

tasks competed: Project development


Hours worked: 4 hours

tasks completed: Continued work on larger scale sections that would be applied to the actual context of Charleston. Some concepts had to be used sparingly as some wouldn’t fit into the context of the area.

Tasks competeted: Project development


Hours worked: 6 hours

tasks completed: Presented work for the final time to the AIA community. Received excellent feedback on how the boards might look to better portray our vision of West Ashley. More specifically, how sketching the important drawing leaves the ideas vague and not cemented. This is something the community would want to see and for them to understand that this was a hypothetical exercise.

tasks performed: project development


Weekly writeup: This week was an excellent learning lesson within the politics of architecture and how to take a project that can change the fabric of the city and make it a contribution to the city. The office was full of people most of the week for the 3×3 design charrette and they offered a large amount of data and ideas. The multi disciplinary drive to complete and present a proper design for Charleston was truly inspiring.

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