11/18- 11/21 blog post + weekly recap


hours worked: 4 hours

Tasks: Today I showed Allen the sketchup model that I have been working on for the past week and he explained more of his vision for the model to me. The progress that I have made is great so far, but he would like for me to focus more on the “edge condition” of the model which would mean focusing more on the water’s interaction with the land, and not so much the build context.

Hours earned: Project development


Hours worked: 4 hours

Tasks: Continued development of the sketch up model in preparation for my last day on Thursday. Primarily focused on the edge condition of the water and land like Allen and I had talked about the day before.

Hours earned: Project development


Hours worked: 4 hours

Tasks: Tomorrow is my last day and the model is far from over, which is a tad stressful, but Allen is completely understanding. Tomorrow they are having a meeting all day downstairs, and Allen asked if I would postpone my last day til next Tuesday so that we could sit down and deeply go over what I have been doing in the model and how I have been managing my layers and files within the folder.


Postponed last day

Weekly recap: This week was intended to be my last week, but I was happy to move my last day to next week so that I could review what I have been doing for the past couple of weeks. I feel it is important to be able to communicate the tasks that I have done to Allen and Morgan so that they can easily work on the project without slowing down in my absence. Next week I hope to come in and push the model to a good level of detail so that they can produce this model to help convince the army core to take a different path with how they could build the “perimeter wall”.

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