Blog Post – 10/14 – 10/17

10/14- Fall Break

10/15- Fall Break


Hours worked: 4

Tasks Performed: Filtered through emails to organize the precidence that were shared by the AIA design team. Began work on detailing boards based on the feedback given at the meeting last week. Such as: making drawings more suggestive, and annotation of precidence.

AXP hours earned: Project Development


Hours worked: 4

Tasks Performed: Began sketching a section that would illustrate diagrammatically the vertical conditions of the site. Although this might not read and be understood well from the public, I can also show the architecture’s relationship to the water retention space and the extension of the built environment. Also, continued work on the precidence boards and compiled more images as they were received.

Blog: Although this was a short week, I learned quite a bit more about designing storyboards that read well to the public eye and the a designers eye. I also was thankful to be given more opportunities to practice my quick sketching ability through section which has helped me strongly in studio convey my ideas. Hopefully this will translate nicely into the professional workplace.

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