Blog Entry Post 9/16-9/20


Hours Worked: 4 Hours

Tasks performed: Continued Design Development of the Sideyard addition to the Civic Design Center. Going for a roomy feel!

AXP hours earned: O



Hours Worked: 5 Hours

Tasks performed: Began the process of consolidating master plans into digital format that will then be presented to returning members of the AIA summer charrette. Spoke with Allen about upcoming meetings and targets.

AXP hours earned: Project Planning



Hours Worked: 4 Hours

Tasks performed: Analyzed the sideyard through a series of quick circulation diagrams. Began digital work on the West Ashley Summer Charrette project.

AXP hours earned: Project Planning



Hours worked 4 1/2 Hours

Tasks Performed: Continued development of digtal West Ashley Summer Charrette project. Made a similarities diagram of all the sketches. Attended a DRC meeting

AXP hours earned: Programming and Analysis



This week was a productive week of analysis and development of the West Ashley site plans that I will be presenting at the design awards in November. I also was able to attendĀ  DRC meeting with Allen, this was extremely interesting to observe and see what the members were looking for in the approval stage. Through small segments of the week I further developed the side yard into a practical and pretty cool project that I hope will get the DRC excited. I will be presenting that as part of my final work in the end of the semester. Allen and I also sat down and reviewed my goals and made sure we are on track, we are doing my goals and more! The image for this week is a few sketches Allen and I went over in regards to the sideyard design.

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