Mia Walker – WEEK 10

Total Hours worked: 18 Carolina Academy  Lake City, SC Finishes Renderings Project Manager: Laura Slagal  Monday – Tuesday: I worked on creating 3 design options for Carolina Academy’s Cafeteria renovation. The client wanted an option that showed their school colors and two others that showed a beige option and and gray option. Wednesday: I helped clean up […]

Mia Walker – WEEK 9

Total Hours worked: 22 Climate Center Grimsley Hall Charleston, SC Schematic design Renderings Project Manager: Laura Slagal  Monday: I started my week off I attended our firm wide meeting. After this I started on efforts for the Citadel and Carolina Academy. This week I will be working on renderings for both projects as well as producing […]

Mia Walker – WEEK 8

Total Hours worked: 24.75 Hilton Head High Field house Hilton Head Island, SC (past rendering I did and put into a presentation on Wednesday) Project Manager: Michelle Smyth Monday: As usually we started off the work week with our weekly monday 10 meeting. This meeting however, was especially interesting. Someone spoke to us on the importance […]

Mia Walker – WEEK 7

Total Hours worked: 14.75 Monday: FALL BREAK Tuesday: FALL BREAK Wednesday: This Friday we have a 100% CD set going out for Pinewood Prep. Today, I helped with redlines varying from correcting some dimensions to editing our table of contents to our cover sheet. Thursday: I worked on calculated the SF of Waganer Salley high. This is a school […]

Mia Walker – WEEK 6

Total Hours worked: 23.5 Summerall Citadel Project Charleston, SC Restoration Project Project Manager: Laura Slagel  Monday: I began my week working on interior elevations and renderings for Carolina Academy. These where to show the client different design options for the finishes selected. Tuesday: Our firm is working on a facility assessments for several buildings for the city. […]

Mia Walker – WEEK 5

Total Hours worked: 23.5 St. Helena Elementary St. Helena, SC Gym Entrance Project Manager: Michelle Smyth Monday: I started the day with a meeting between me and my project manager to show all the Carolina Academy finishes I selected last Friday. Out of all five options I showed we narrowed it down to 3. Two of […]

Mia Walker – WEEK 4

Total Hours worked: 23.5 Pinewood Preparatory Athletic center Summerville, SC Athletic Center Project Manager: Michelle Smyth Monday: Tomorrow morning we have a meeting with Pinewood Prep to go over the selection of finish samples (interior and exterior). For this meeting I had to set up a board and create renderings. Tuesday:  I continued to work on […]

Mia Walker – WEEK 3

Total Hours worked: 22 Admirals Garage Navy Way Charleston, SC Building Assessment  Project Manager: Michelle Smyth Monday: Along side one of my coworkers, I went to North Charleston on site to do some field work and get measurements for a AS built model I will be working on. Tuesday:  A small task I helped out with […]

Mia Walker – WEEK 2

Total Hours worked: 16hrs   Lady’s Island Elementary Media center Lady’s Island, SC Design Development Project Manager: Michelle Smyth       Monday: OFF FOR LABOR DAY Tuesday:  Today I worked on placing electrical outlets and referencing an electrical engineers plans to arrange them. Though this is a very monotonous job, I looked at it as […]

Mia Walker – WEEK 1

Total Hours worked: 21hrs   Grimsley Hall Climate Center Citadel Charleston SC Schematic Design Project Manager: Laura Slagal   Monday: One of the small projects I am working on is a climate center for The Citadels Grimsley Hall. A few month ago we submitted a proposal that we are now following through with. Therefore, I have been […]