Mia Walker – WEEK 8

Total Hours worked: 24.75

Hilton Head High Field house
Hilton Head Island, SC
(past rendering I did and put into a presentation on Wednesday)
Project Manager: Michelle Smyth

Monday: As usually we started off the work week with our weekly monday 10 meeting. This meeting however, was especially interesting. Someone spoke to us on the importance of accommodating and taking into consideration your clients need and potentially the people who will inhabit the spaces we create. The main focus of the meeting he spoke on those who are color blind. Though this is only 8% of the population we should take everyone into consideration, which I found quite motivating and touching. After this meeting I help Lauren with some minor task and also designed some flyers for some office events we have coming up. Which I thoroughly enjoyed doing!

Tuesday: Today I help with Kiawah river hotels for cooperate. I did some railing edits and some cleaning up to sections. I thought it would have been a very simple task to just change railings out it was actually alot more monotonous then I planed. I had to center all of the railings again, make sure the screens where aligned in the appropriate manner and also make sure that the dimensions of the railings where correct when changed. We have our hotels split into several different buildings (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, D, E, F, and G). So it was not a very simple or quick fix.

Wednesday: Today I helped Michelle gather images of past renderings I’ve done as well as create a new one for an interview we will eventually be having. I also Finished the edits to the railings from yesterday, so after I finished I got started on setting up some views for rendering I will be doing for Grimsley Halls Climate Center.

Thursday: Today I spent the majority of my time working on renderings for The climate center. Besides working on these renders I attended our firm wide k-12 meeting.

Friday: To finish off my week I met with cooperate and went over the work I did for them since I noticed a minor mistake in the layout of the columns. One of the columns was off the centerline and look off to me and I realized the centerlines for them were not correct. I also continued to work on the renders for the citadel.

Lesson learned: This week I learned that as small as a task may seem they can take alot longer than you expect. In addition, I really apricated the monday 10 meeting and learned to take a step back and think about everyone and any needs that I may need to meet for a client and user of what we design.

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