Kayla Pratt – Week Eight

Hours: 25.5      AXP: 25.5

This week we returned to a site we visited two weeks ago to verify some site measurements. We needed to verify the size of the bathroom to see if it met accessibility requirements. It does not so we will have to figure out how to enlarge the bathroom without moving the plumbing as it is embedded into concrete and would be a huge expense to the client. We also wanted to verify what the structure consists of and we discovered that the walls are actually about a foot thick – which explained why our measurements from the last visit did not add up. I also helped revise an elevation for a client’s new home in Seabrook. Their style is more modern and so they like fewer roof lines which we are trying to achieve with shed roofs, however Seabrook requires the main roof to be a 6:12 pitch which hinders our ability to use a shed roof on the two story portion of the building. Overall the clients liked the design we presented to them and I am looking forward to moving forward with this home.

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