Mia Walker – WEEK 4

Total Hours worked: 23.5

Pinewood Preparatory Athletic center
Summerville, SC
Athletic Center
Project Manager: Michelle Smyth

Monday: Tomorrow morning we have a meeting with Pinewood Prep to go over the selection of finish samples (interior and exterior). For this meeting I had to set up a board and create renderings.

Tuesday:  I continued to work on renderings for Pinewood Prep. In addition to finishing these renderings, I worked on some redlines from the admirals garage As built sheets.

Wednesday: Today was a different day from usual at work. We were celebrating some newly promoted directors in our office, and did a waffle Wednesday. This work day was much more relaxed then my typical work day. I finished off my day by meeting with someone in our cooperate studio so they could fill me in on a project that I will by completing a ComCHECK for.

Thursday/Friday: I worked on a ComCHECK for a project in the cooperate studio called Waterfront phase II. This task requires me to do an analysis of energy code. I had to complete a ComCHECK for three of the buildings within this project.

Lesson learned: Sometimes it is healthy to take a mental break from work and interact and create connections with your coworkers. I tend to forget this when I am heads down working to meet deadlines. Having the waffle Wednesday remined me how important it is to maintain relationships within the studio community of work.

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