Ian Kordonis | Kevin Hoertdoefer Architects | Week Five

Total Hours| 16 Hours
AXP Hours| 16 Hours

Monday + Wednesday + Thursday
09.20.21 – 09.24.21

Ian’s Week:

This week I finalized some detail and connection drawings for the staircase of the Mungo residence. I know have a render, and elevation, spindle iterations, TYP details, and exploded axons. All of these drawings are meant to finalize the conceptual design and show how it is pieced together. The steel frame will be made off-site. The wood planks will rotate between and down onto the stringer where it will be screwed in on-site. The risers and treads will have dowel connections, and the grip rail will screw into an l-angle that tops the spindles going up the stair itself.

These drawings are still in design development and will be sent out for pricing.

Records of work:

One image shows the schematic elevation of the interior stairs of the Mungo House
Mungo Family House
James Island, South Carolina
Single Family Residential
Kevin Hoertdoerfer
Intern Design

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