Mia Walker – WEEK 6

Total Hours worked: 23.5

Summerall Citadel Project
Charleston, SC
Restoration Project
Project Manager: Laura Slagel 

Monday: I began my week working on interior elevations and renderings for Carolina Academy. These where to show the client different design options for the finishes selected.

Tuesday: Our firm is working on a facility assessments for several buildings for the city. These buildings vary from offices to fire stations. I am helping with this effort by calculating RSMeans. Most of these cost estimates that I calculated where for both demolition and replacing items.

Wednesday: I finished calculating RSMeans, and ended my day by starting to help gather and organize PDFs and DWG files to create a record drawing set for Lucy Beckham. I had to export and all the Sheets from the CDs These included Structural, Plumbing, Mech, Electrical, Kitchen, and Theater.

Thursday: I completed organizing and compiling all the Lucy Beckham files.

Friday: To finish my week I did research on the Citadels Summerall Church stained glass windows. This project is a restoration project. I had to in the process of researching the church look up the heritage act as it governs this building.

Lessons Learned: This week I learned how to cost estimate and understand RSMeans. In addition, to learning to calculate cost estimates I learned the importance of doing everything you can to please a customer and provide for them. The record drawings for Lucy Beckham was a severely urgent task that very time pressing. The client had been waiting for these documents for a while which made this assignment of high importance. It reminded me how crucial it is to make sure the client is satisfied because you never want to leave a bad impression even after a project is completed.

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