Monday October 11th – Thursday October 14th

Weekly Entry: Log Summary – Delaney Skelly

Monday October 11th – Thursday October 14th

Time Worked:

  • Monday: Off for Fall Break
  • Tuesday: Off for Fall Break
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: Today I worked alone, open to close, 9 – 5pm. I just worked on housekeeping stuff as well as continuing design boards for the Cumbaa Residence. We will be making a design board for each room which is an extensive process. I ordered fabric samples as well. I have started creating options for the powder room wallpaper, different color schemes we can go with. 


Tasks Performed

  • Organizing, ordered samples, and worked on design boards


Work Accomplished (AXP HOURS EARNED) 

8 hours

Lessons Learned 

I just worked one time this week but it was my first time working alone from open to close. I learned about different types of responsibilities. 


Records of Work 

Project Title: Cumbaa Residence

Project Location: Johns Island

Project Scope: Large

Project Manager: Beverly Bohan

Role of the Student: Assist in design and technical needs. 

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