Mia Walker – WEEK 7

Total Hours worked: 14.75



Wednesday: This Friday we have a 100% CD set going out for Pinewood Prep. Today, I helped with redlines varying from correcting some dimensions to editing our table of contents to our cover sheet.

Thursday: I worked on calculated the SF of Waganer Salley high. This is a school that we will be working on and these calculations will help us gauge what they currently have. Along with doing these calculations I have set up some rendering views in lumion for some up coming renderings I will be working on. Finally I started setting up a COMCheck for Pinewood Prep.

Friday: I finished calculating the COMCheck for Pinewood, which thankfully passed first pass by 2%. Since the CDs where going out for pinewood today I helped finish some final redlines.

Lesson learned: This week I didn’t learn any new skills or do any new task. However, I did learn something that has helped me with being more organized at work. I have started a journal and have listed out my tasks by importance. Though this is something small I really have noticed a difference in my production and level of stress. Being organized is very important especially since I have to balance working ontop of class.

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