Michaela Chrisman – Red Iron Architects // 10.18.2021-10.22.2021

Time worked: 18

AXP Hours Earned: 18

Tasks Performed:

  • Site Survey for new project to remodel two apartment units to create ADA compliance. 
  1. Internal meeting to create task list for 100% CD set deadline for Hursey 
  2. RCP coordination with MEP and lighting
  3. Review door schedule and security plans to show electrified hardware 
  4. Pick up redlines for CD plans and changes made 



The lesson learned this week was task coordination as a team to get to a deadline. We are all working in a single model and it can be challenging to understand that when one change is made, it affects the whole team. We broke out the tasks and made a plan to document all changes so that communication stays consistent. Communication in a large team project is typically the biggest challenge I have faced in architecture and we are trying to improve communication as we grow as a company. 

Records of work:

project title :Hursey Montessori School

project location: 3795 Spruill Ave, North Chalreston, SC 29405

project scope : New 3 story K-12 school building

project manager: Danielle DeLorme

role of the student : Assist in CD set details

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