Michaela Chrisman – Red Iron Architects // 10.11.2021-10.15.2021

Time worked: 8

AXP Hours Earned: 8

Tasks Performed:

  • Key Plans 
  • Ceiling details for commercial kitchen hood 


This week the lesson learned was communication with vendors like food services which is a vendor I am not used to interacting with. We had to show the architectural portion of how a kitchen hood would be installed which taught me to understand the level of detail needed for the architectural portion vs what the vendor shows in their shop drawings. I am also learning how to create details in a set so that information is produced in a way that doesn’t cause the contractor to have to flip back and forth between multiple drawings. 



project title :Hursey Montessori School

project location: 3795 Spruill Ave, North Chalreston, SC 29405

project scope : New 3 story K-12 school building

project manager: Danielle DeLorme

role of the student : Assist in DD and CD set details

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