Mia Walker – WEEK 2

Total Hours worked: 16hrs


Lady’s Island Elementary Media center
Lady’s Island, SC
Design Development
Project Manager: Michelle Smyth





Tuesday:  Today I worked on placing electrical outlets and referencing an electrical engineers plans to arrange them. Though this is a very monotonous job, I looked at it as a great learning experience. This was my first time ever looking at an electrical plan so learning how they are laid out.

Wednesday: I worked on completing the Lady’s Island media center desk and had a meeting with my team and clients to discuss the project.

Thursday: I have been assigned a small project for an Admin garage on the old Naval base in North Charleston. With this task I will be creating a revit model of the as built and do a building analysis. This garage is on the national register of buildings that are to be preserved. So in addition to doing a building analysis I will be doing a cost estimate of what it could to renovate the building. In addition, to meeting with my team for this project I attended a weekly firm wide k-12 meeting.

Lesson learned: This week I learned the layout of electrical plans. From placing outlets onto our plans and having to reference the electrical engineers plans I learned the different symbols for lights and power systems.

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