Owens, John – Week 3: 9/13 to 9/16


I completed the first attempt at redesigning the deck and stairs for the as built project. Darryl and I then got together with Ann and looked over a large set of the project. We used this to then make revisions to what we had already designed and ended up creating a new design that was greatly different than what we had come up with the week before.


I continued to work on the as built and finished creating the new elevations right in time for me to leave.


Today I finished our run at the as built renovations. We held one last team meeting to look over the project, made some minor adjustments, and then created a PDF to be sent to the owners for overview. To finish up my time for the day, I hopped on the Modern House project we are working on in Kiawah and helped out in creating the design development documents needed in order to submit once again to the ARB.


I worked on more of the DD documents for the Kiawah project, and also created images to post on the firm’s social media accounts by sing the model I had created for the Kiawah house.


Through a conversation I had with Ann and Darryl early in the week, I learned the ins and outs of how to properly market a firm so that you attract desirable business from clients.


16 hours (+4 on Friday)


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