Mia Walker – WEEK 3

Total Hours worked: 22

Admirals Garage
Navy Way Charleston, SC
Building Assessment 
Project Manager: Michelle Smyth

Monday: Along side one of my coworkers, I went to North Charleston on site to do some field work and get measurements for a AS built model I will be working on.

Tuesday:  A small task I helped out with today was putting together a site plan for a Gym design study for PP Danny Jones pool. In addition to this site plan. I made some diagrams comparing this facility to another local gym/pool. In addition, I attended a lunch and learn today about pressure equalized rain screen and design concepts.

Wednesday/ Thursday: I worked towards creating the admirals garage in revit as long with creating sheets that contain elevations with measurements that we will relay to a contractor to give us cost estimates.

Friday: Pinewood Preparatory’ s field house is going through CDs and I have been giving the task of selecting interior and exterior finishes. As well as producing some renderings. Today I worked on making finish boards for a meeting that we have with the clients next week.

Lesson learned: Since the admirals garage is on a naval base and is on the national register, I have learned a lot more about the process it takes to do a building assessment on a building with historical importance.

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