Mia Walker – WEEK 9

Total Hours worked: 22

Climate Center Grimsley Hall
Charleston, SC
Schematic design Renderings
Project Manager: Laura Slagal 

Monday: I started my week off I attended our firm wide meeting. After this I started on efforts for the Citadel and Carolina Academy. This week I will be working on renderings for both projects as well as producing a SD set.

Tuesday: Today I spent the majority of the day in meetings. One of those meetings being our weekly k-12 meeting. The rest of my work day I spent Citadel efforts

Wednesday: I help produce a SD set for climate center. This included finishing up some minor details and doing some redline revisions.

Thursday/ Friday: I worked on completing renderings for the climate center. I had to create three. Two which showed options for the lobby space and how different screens could be utilized. The third was a interior perspective of the room.


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