Owens, John – Week 10: 11/01 to 11/04


I began the day by completing edits on a set of drawings that had already begun construction. The clients decided that they wanted to add a crows nest onto the roof to provide better views over the river. I then began to render hand drawn elevations in preparation for a schematic design meeting with some clients.


I continued rendering all four elevations of the new project being designed and finished about halfway through the day. I then completed the last of the red lines we had based on the final ARB comments for the Kiawah modern house.


To finalize the presentation of the new project for the client meeting, I rendered some color into the site plan and floor plans, and then merged all the drawings together into the presentation package.


Today I began work on a new project, a High Tide Design house edit that will be located in Charleston. High Tide Design is a side “business” that Darryl runs that sells successful plans for homes that Darryl has designed in the past at a reduced cost. it is common for buyers of these plans to want to make slight edits to them to better suit their desires. This is where I come in, I will be making the edits to the existing plan.


This week I learned more about the process of discussing with clients what they truly want in a house in order to create a home that will make them happy.


16 Hours

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