Owens, John – Week 8: 10/18 to 10/21

MONDAY: Continued to work on the renovation project on Daniel Island. TUESDAY: Continued the renovation project and compiled a complete set of drawings to show to the client for them to review. WEDNESDAY: Today was a hodgepdge of working on multiple projects. I continued detail drawings for the Daniel Island renovation, the Kiawah renovation ARB […]

Owens, John – Week 7, 10/11 to 10/14

MONDAY: Fall Break TUESDAY: Fall Break WEDNESDAY: I spent half the day finishing up the renovation for the third floor and terrace addition and printed out a check set to be reviewed. I then continued to dimension our project in Kiawah. THURSDAY: Today I learned how to read over a structural letter from an engineer […]

Owens, John – Week 6: 10/04 to 10/07

MONDAY: To start on the Renovation project, I looked at the AutoCAD file that was provided to us by the original architect of the home. As my eye twitched with annoyance at the fact that measurements were in 1/32ths of an inch, lines not meeting at a singular point, and other classic features of a […]

Owens, John – Week 4: 9/20 to 9/23

MONDAY: Cobb Architects started the week with our office meeting to bring everyone up to speed with where we all were on our projects. I then created the ARB submittal for the Kiawah house I have been working on. With the Design Development set now complete for the project, I began working on the construction […]

Owens, John – Prompt 1

Author Dana Cuff defines Praxis in her text, Architecture: The Story of Practice: “architecture [is] a practice or collection of practices, an art.” Ask your mentor to expand on one of the following aspects of architectural practice as it relates to their praxis: business + marketing choices My discussion with Darryl taught me that when it comes […]