Owens, John – Week 11: 11/08 to 11/11

MONDAY: Did not work. TUESDAY:   WEDNESDAY: Did not work. THURSDAY: I drove out to Kiawah with Darryl to take measurements of a renovation project that we will be doing that is going to involve changes to the home’s front entry approach, relaying out spaces in the first floor, and raising the back deck. The […]

Owens, John – Week 9: 10/25-10/28

MONDAY: Was in Chicago for a trip. TUESDAY: I compiled the final ARB submittal for the Kiawah Modern house which involved doing lot coverage calculations, specific labeling of materials and colors, and preparing a PDF with all the necessary drawings as listen on the submittal checklist. WEDNESDAY: Today I reviewed, edited, and submitted the ARB […]

Owens, John – Week 8: 10/18 to 10/21

MONDAY: Continued to work on the renovation project on Daniel Island. TUESDAY: Continued the renovation project and compiled a complete set of drawings to show to the client for them to review. WEDNESDAY: Today was a hodgepdge of working on multiple projects. I continued detail drawings for the Daniel Island renovation, the Kiawah renovation ARB […]

Owens, John – Week 7, 10/11 to 10/14

MONDAY: Fall Break TUESDAY: Fall Break WEDNESDAY: I spent half the day finishing up the renovation for the third floor and terrace addition and printed out a check set to be reviewed. I then continued to dimension our project in Kiawah. THURSDAY: Today I learned how to read over a structural letter from an engineer […]

Owens, John – Week 6: 10/04 to 10/07

MONDAY: To start on the Renovation project, I looked at the AutoCAD file that was provided to us by the original architect of the home. As my eye twitched with annoyance at the fact that measurements were in 1/32ths of an inch, lines not meeting at a singular point, and other classic features of a […]

Owens, John – Week 4: 9/20 to 9/23

MONDAY: Cobb Architects started the week with our office meeting to bring everyone up to speed with where we all were on our projects. I then created the ARB submittal for the Kiawah house I have been working on. With the Design Development set now complete for the project, I began working on the construction […]

Owens, John – Prompt 1

Author Dana Cuff defines Praxis in her text, Architecture: The Story of Practice: “architecture [is] a practice or collection of practices, an art.” Ask your mentor to expand on one of the following aspects of architectural practice as it relates to their praxis: business + marketing choices My discussion with Darryl taught me that when it comes […]