Owens, John – Week 9: 10/25-10/28


Was in Chicago for a trip.


I compiled the final ARB submittal for the Kiawah Modern house which involved doing lot coverage calculations, specific labeling of materials and colors, and preparing a PDF with all the necessary drawings as listen on the submittal checklist.


Today I reviewed, edited, and submitted the ARB submittal for the modern house on Kiawah. I then went with Ashley to do site measurements for an as built located on the peninsula. The building had originally been constructed as a school, but had since been renovated into condos. Our client wants to bring their outdated condo into the 21st century with a series of renovations that will open up the layout even more than it already is.


On Thursday, I completed another ARB submittal for the project on Daniel Island. This took little time and after I was finished, I moved on to drafting the as built based on the measurements taken the day before.


I listened in on the process that Darryl and Ann use to determine how much they will charge a client for the project and developed a better understanding of how fees are established.


16 Hours


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