Mia Walker – WEEK 1

Total Hours worked: 21hrs


Grimsley Hall Climate Center
Citadel Charleston SC
Schematic Design
Project Manager: Laura Slagal


Monday: One of the small projects I am working on is a climate center for The Citadels Grimsley Hall. A few month ago we submitted a proposal that we are now following through with. Therefore, I have been tasked with helping begin SDs for the project. I currently have been researching technological strategies we can take in making the space and architecture of the room simulate the climate and weather of CHS.

Tuesday:  Another small task that I assisted with was redesigning and rendering an iteration for St Helena Elementary’s  gymnasium entrance. We submitted SDs and the clients budge changed, so we are having to reconsider some elements.

Wednesday: Today I helped the cooperate office with one of there Kiawah Island projects. I picked up some redlines in revit and cleaned up some sections.

Thursday: Our Lady’s Island Elementary’s ASI feedback came in last week, and there were a few comments regarding the casework of a media center desk design. Therefore, I revised the revit model and created some new casework details.

Friday: I started my day doing field verifications for the Grimsley halls climate center. Once back in the office I started editing the revit model. I also got the opportunity to be a part of a charrette for the senior living department. For this charrette we were trying to find ways to alter the circulation and open up the space without messing up locations of program.

Lesson learned: From working on the climate center I have gained a better understanding on the importance of breaking down the time spent in a project. Our Grimsley hall project for the citadel is a smaller project; therefore, we have a very limited number of hours that we are allowed to spend in the SD phase and CD phase. From talking to my project manager, small projects such as this don’t typically make a lot our firm a lot of money, but we hope to make connections with the customers. In attempt for our firm to win larger projects with the customers in the future.

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