Jed Donkle | GBA | Week 5

October 17, 2022 [4 Hours] Colleton County Voter Registration Center Continuing work from previous week AXP Hours: 1 (Project Planning & Design) Joint Base Charleston, Bldg. 578 Began working on a 95% submittal Made detail drawings for louver vents and insulated translucent panels AXP Hours: 3 (Project Development & Documentation) October 18, 2022 [4 Hours] […]

Joel Rogers | The Middleton Group | Week 11

Weekly Summary Time Sheet 11/21/2022 [8:00am-12:15pm] – Worked with Jennifer to put together some storefront elevation drawings for Home Telecom. I got it about 90% done by the end of my day. [AXP – 4 HOUR(S) PROJECT DEVELOPMENT & DOCUMENTATION] 11/22/2022 [12:00pm-5:00pm] – Finished up the Home Telecom drawings and shifted back to 651 King […]

Joel Rogers | The Middleton Group | Week 9

Weekly Summary Time Sheet 11/07/2022 [8:00am-5:00pm] – Had morning meeting where we went over the projects for the week. Then spent most of the time working on the Nexton Tract D Renders. This was mostly some tweaks to the larger development that we weren’t necessarily going to present at the client meeting. [AXP – 8 […]

Brooke Young | Design Division | Week 11

Monday (11-21-22) Today I continued to work on the Market St bike lane infrastructure project. I focused my efforts on infilling existing street context into the master plan, ranging from crosswalks, to loading zones, to parking, to buffers. This consisted of using my newly learned software knowledge in ArcMap and Google Earth to draw as […]

Jerome Simiyon -Bello Garris Architects – Week 10

Projects worked – 22 Westedge(Punchlist, Novotech), Firetower Project Project manager – Nick Galizia, Nick Galizia   11/14/2022 – Monday   AXP hours – 4(Project development and documentation) I worked on the finish plans and schedules for Novotech.   11/15/2022 – Tuesday   AXP hours – 4(Project development and documentation) I continued working on the finish […]