Shelton Stevenson |SGA|NW| Week 11

Monday 11-21-22

Job Title: Jan Edwards

I spent all day on Monday making edits to the jane Edwards sheets so that we could have them ready to send to the school before thanksgiving break. We went back through each sheet and made sure everything was correct from the font of the labels to the paint color location and how we want it to be read. This took up all of my time on Monday. After each sheet was looked over we reprinted for the last time and that set was ready to be sent to the school to get feed back from them.

Tuesday 11-22-22

Job Title: Garrett

Tuesday was another push day to get this set of documents out before the thanksgiving holidays so that when we come back we will have feed back. So just like Jane Edwards I went through each sheet from the set and made sure that everything was correct and matched and read the way it was supposed to read. At the end of my shift i got al of the sheets done except one. So it was a good push to get this done and we definitely got it done.

Total AXP Hours: 8

Skills Learned:

During this short week I learned that when stuff has a due date you have to do all you can to get it done for the client. I definitely pushed and got both projects done so that we could have them finished before thanksgiving break. By doing this this puts us ahead so that way when we come back from thanksgiving break our clients will already had given us feed back that we can make when we coe back to get the project moving again.






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