Shelton Stevenson |SGA|NW| Week 10

Monday 10-14-22 (8am-12pm)

Every Monday morning we always start off with our weekly Monday morning meetings. These meetings are used to reflect on our weekend as well as discuss what we have to focus on for the week. We also inform everyone on upcoming events that our job may be having later on down the road.

Job Title: Jane Edwards

I started my Monday off by working on the construction sheets for Jane Edwards. Continuing to go back and make edits to all of the sheets in the construction documents so that we could get ready to send them off for review the following.

Tuesday 11-15-22 (9am-2:15pm)

Job Title: Jane Edwards & Garrett

So when I came in on Tuesday morning i finished any last minute edits that needed to be done on the construction sheets. Once all of the sheet where correct I printed all the sheets for them to be review again. After i printed all of the construction sheets for Jane Edwards i started working on the Garrett Plan. I started working on the first two sheets of the construction documents which were the cover sheet and the finish schedule. Around 1 we took a site visit for Garrett for a meeting and to tour the school and see what progress they had made on the school so far.

Wednesday 11-16-22 (8am-12pm)

Job Title: Garrett & Jane Edwards

Wednesday I came in I finished working on the cover sheet of the construction document. After that I started working on the finish schedule of the documents. This sheet just had the colors that we will be using for this project general comments and a few elevations. After that i went back and made edits to the Jane Edward set. I started by making correction to the cover sheet before I left for the day.

Thursday 11-17-22 (8am-12pm)

Thursdays always start off with my weekly meeting with my mentor Mark. We discussed my progress over the week and what all I accomplished.

Job Title: Jane Edwards

After my meeting i went back to making corrections on the Jane Edwards construction documents. Started out with the finish schedule and just worked my way down. I made edits to the elevations as well as the plans that were on each sheet of the the documents. I went in and made edit to the tags and colors on certain plans to make sure they all matched

Total AXP Hours: 17.15

Skills Learned:

This week i continued to learn more about construction documents as i progressed through the week. Each day i learned something that I ┬ámay not have caught from the week previous and using the new stuff as well as the information that I previously learned that helped me complete certain task faster than most. Also being able to go on the site of one of the projects that i had been working on was very cool. Being able to relate and compare what I’ve been working on and how it translates from the paper to real life was a very cool experience that I’m glad i got to be apart of.

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