Week of April 1

Weekly Reflection: This week I started to expand my skill set by starting on our website design.  I designed the website for Studio V so I was already familiar with the process and wasn’t afraid to take on the responsibility.  There is a lot that goes into building a website, unfortunately it isn’t as easy […]

Week of March 25

Weekly Reflection: I’m learning now about the process of design in the real world.  At least in our firm I draw a lot and then hand my drawings off to Becky or Naseem and then they mark them up and we do the process all over again.  I like this though because I do start […]

Week of March 11

Weekly Summary: This week was definitely an interesting week, I got to tour another project under construction, which is also our biggest ongoing project, I also continued working on the Hobcaw project and reviewed comments on 50 S. Battery.  What was really fun about touring the project under construction is that Becky used it as […]

Week of March 4

Weekly Summary: This week was a great week, I got to take on a new project, make a construction site visit, and got to continue working on 50 S. Battery.  Working in a small office has allowed me to be involved in a lot of projects which I greatly appreciate.  I am learning a lot […]

Week of February 25

Weekly Summary This week was a super interesting week.  I had the opportunity to meeting with a client to measure their house, update and create Revit models.  Research info on a new property, visiting local government agencies to aid in that research, and sketch some ideas on our new projects.  Overall I am enjoying my […]

Week of February 18

Week Summary: This week I had the opportunity to balance multiple projects, whereas the week prior I worked on a single project.  I was introduced to two new projects that we have in the office.  The first project is doing a kitchen layout for the Martin Gallery downtown in the People’s Building.  For this project […]