Week of February 25

Weekly Summary

This week was a super interesting week.  I had the opportunity to meeting with a client to measure their house, update and create Revit models.  Research info on a new property, visiting local government agencies to aid in that research, and sketch some ideas on our new projects.  Overall I am enjoying my internship, because we are a small firm I get to play a hand in a lot of projects and I feel that I play an important role to the success of the the firm.  As I work more in the firm, I am getting a better sense of deciding what type of work I want to do when I finish school and the size of the firm I want to be in.

Daily Posts

Monday February 25

Time worked 4 hours

Task:  Today I worked on two different tasks.  The first task involved making a door sign for our office.  I have been working on this on and off for a few weeks.  This week, I also reached out to local printers about test printing our office sign.  The second task involved continuing my work from last week on 50 S. Battery.  I began modeling my ideas in Revit and collaborated with Naseem on the best layout.  We looked at kitchen layout options and how to fit a mudroom on the first floor.  This will leave more space on the second floor to expand the bedroom and bathroom layouts.

AXP Category: Practice Management & Project Planning & Design


Tuesday February 26

Time Worked: 9 hours

Task: Today I did two different tasks, the first task was to continue with my work from the day before.  My second task involved measuring a house that we’ve been contacted to do some remodeling work on.

AXP Category: Project Planning & Design


Wednesday February 27

Time Worked: 4 hours

Task: Today was different than most days.  Today I spent most of my time researching zoning and fire code for a new property that one of our existing clients recently bought.  I made a trip downtown to the Department of Zoning to see if they had any surveys or platts on the property.  When they didn’t have anything I went over to the Register of Deeds to see if they had any info on this property, unfortunately they only had a deed with no platt.  After returning to the office, I searched for surveys on the neighboring properties to see if I could find the dimensions of the property.

AXP Category: Project Management


Thursday February 28

Time Worked: 8.75

Task: Today I took the measurements from the Hobclaw property that I measured earlier in the week and updated the Revit model we had.  After the model was adjusted I printed out the plans and began using trace paper to reorganize the main floor.  I talked with Naseem about ways to enhance the existing space, including adding outdoor spaces and updating the facade.  This is something I really enjoy doing because even if my ideas don’t get taken up, I still have the opportunity to have my voice heard, which I value greatly.

AXP Category: Project Planning & Design

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