Taylor Bissert, Daily Posts, Weekly Summary 2/25-2/28

Weekly Overview – 

This past week I worked on a variety of small tasks. The important tasking being coordination with another architect in our Asheville office. The project is our old office, a developer has come to us wanting a few plan options that they can show potential clients. I worked on getting the as-built drawings into Revit in order to coordinate with the other Novus designer. Through phone calls and BIM 360, I was able to get the existing first a second floor plan modeled. The Architect in Asheville then took that model and did a few sketch options. This was sent to the developer for further review and this upcoming week will include getting those options modeled and back to the developer.

Monday 2/25  Every Monday we have an all staff meeting at the beginning of the day to go over which sectors have deadlines and which staff will be out of office. My hours today fall in the PcM, PjM, and PDD categories.

Tuesday 2/26 – Call with Brian in our Asheville office to coordinate the upcoming project. My hours today fall in the PjM and PDD categories.

Wednesday 2/27 – On Wednesday mornings, we have a sector meeting to go over project coverage and delegation of work. This meeting is great to see project management first hand. I worked on the as-builts today. My hours today fall in the PjM and PDD categories.

Thursday 2/28 – Mentor meeting with Ashley in the morning as well as continued work and coordination on the as-builts My hours today fall in the PjM and PPD categories.

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