Week of March 11

Weekly Summary:
This week was definitely an interesting week, I got to tour another project under construction, which is also our biggest ongoing project, I also continued working on the Hobcaw project and reviewed comments on 50 S. Battery.  What was really fun about touring the project under construction is that Becky used it as a mentoring opportunity and showed me her thinking when designing and how she works with high-end clients on big projects.  I learned that this project has been years in the making and it was important to deliver on the clients wishes.  I can’t imagine a project going on for years like this considering most of our projects have a pretty quick execution.  I feel like I would struggle with a project so big, but I guess you have to take it one step at a time.  Next week is Spring break, and I am taking a trip to NYC, I am really excited to see some of the new architecture projects that have been completed since my last visit.


Daily Posts

Monday March 11

Time worked 4.5 hours

Task:  Today I reviewed comments that Becky made over the weekend on 50 S. Battery.  After talking to the contractor, we forego-ed the option of moving the stair, and instead opted for another first floor layout that flipped position of the kitchen and living room.  By having 4 options for the client, we can make sure that they have multiple options to consider.  Becky also spoke more with Chris, the client on the new garage unit, and from their conversation we were able to further develop the ADU, creating a new entrance, and looking at the program arrangement.

AXP Category: Project Planning & Design


Tuesday March 12

Time Worked: 6.75 hours

Task: Sometimes you have clients who are more visual than others.  For those who aren’t, it’s sometimes best to make 3D models.  Today I got to make a full scale model of a chandelier that is going in our biggest project.  The client needed a model hung in their space so they could get a better understanding of how it would feel in the space.  In order to model the chandelier Becky and I decided on how to generalize the shape and design of the chandelier to make it easier to model, and to model it in less time.  I had to call around to craft stores to make sure they had enough material.  The chandelier is about 4′  across in a square, and about 3′ high.  We made multiple tiers to mimic the cascading shape of the chandelier.  Ultimately I wasn’t able to finish the modeling before heading to studio, so Becky finished the rest.

AXP Category: Project Planning & Design


Wednesday March 13

Time Worked: 4 hours

Task: Today  I revisited our work on Hobclaw, the single family residence in Mount Pleasant.  Naseem and I printed out the floor plan concepts and reviewed them, sketching over them to rework spaces.  This floor plan has been challenging because when we open it up we are dealing with a lot of space, we want to avoid creating dead spots, where the room feels overwhelmingly big and the corners get forgotten about.  The second part of today we went to tour the property that we built the chandelier model for, this is one of the biggest houses I’ve ever been in.  It was amazing to see the scale of the architecture and how big spaces have to be approached a little differently.

AXP Category: Project Planning & Design


Thursday March  14

Time Worked: 5.5

Task: Today I started a potential project that would be a renovation of a townhouse.  The property is in a great location downtown, but is outdated.  The clients are interested in purchasing it if we think it has potential and can re-imagine the interior to match their lifestyle.  I haven’t seen this project so I had to rely on pictures and measurements to create a Revit model.  From the Revit model, Becky and Naseem will work on layout options and get it turned around to the client so they can make a quick decision.  Overall it was a quick and fun exercise, I enjoy the challenge of taking someone else’s measurements and building a model.

AXP Category: Project Planning & Design

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