Week of March 25

Weekly Reflection: I’m learning now about the process of design in the real world.  At least in our firm I draw a lot and then hand my drawings off to Becky or Naseem and then they mark them up and we do the process all over again.  I like this though because I do start to pick up on the nuances of a project. I also enjoy getting to start Revit files, the more time I spend in revit the more efficient I am becoming.  I try to carry some of the things I am learning and relate it to studio. For instance, when drawing details, even though I haven’t done this a lot at work, I try to be as diligent and detailed as possible knowing that someone else will have to interpret my drawings to build it or fabricate it.


Monday March 25

Hours worked 4

AXP Project Development and Documentation


Today I worked on finalizing concepts for our Hobcaw project.  In all we will present three concepts to our client, ranging from small renovations, to big renovations.  We don’t yet know what the budget will be, which is why we are giving them several options to consider. I think this house has a lot of potential so I am excited to see what they want to do next.


Tuesday March 26

Hours worked 8

AXP Project Development and Documentation


Today I worked towards finalizing plans for the 1500 Pinebark property.  In this project, our client wanted to demolish their existing garage and build a new garage with a dwelling unit above.  Since this project is similar to another we worked on it was easy and familiar for me to get started. What I have enjoyed about this project in particular is that Becky encouraged me to spend more time detailing this Garage/ADU to be more craftsman in style.  This meant considering the windows, doors, textures, and details. I got to learn how to model a mass which will be very important for me in the future.


Wednesday March 27

Hours worked 3.5

AXP Project Development and Documentation


Today I worked on our Hobcaw project finalizing some corrections before we send them off to our client, hopefully next week.  Picking up redlines have taught me a lot about how plans are read and interpreted by different people. I understand that different firms may have different standards when it comes to drawing plans because everyone has a different style.  Picking up redlines also gives you a chance to see things differently. For instance I might draw a bathroom layout one way, and Becky or Naseem might have a different idea that has a better flow, or provides more space for a larger vanity.  I see the redline process as an opportunity to flex your design muscles.


Thursday March 28

Hours worked 3.5

AXP Project Development and Documentation


Today I continued my work from yesterday, but on top of that I was asked to fix the topography on another project that is about to go to a design review committee in Kiawah Island.  We don’t use a lot of topo in the office since most of our houses are renovations downtown or lifts. I liked the opportunity to read a site plan and topography plan to make the new topo surface.  The process has been simplified now that Revit can interpret a survey, I mainly just had to place the building and add trees. Overall it was a simple process, but it’s the small victories that make your week just a bit better.

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