John Crayne | NOVUS | Week 13

This week was my final week at NOVUS. My mentor Andrew was fantastic. Reflecting on all that I accomplished with Andrew, I know almost everything there is to know about how to be a BIM Manager. One important skill is to be organized. A big part of the job is to digitally organize and model […]

John Crayne | NOVUS | Week 12

This week I participated in my first site visit with NOVUS. I followed Andrew and Tripp around the 3rd floor of the Southeastern Spine Institute in Mt. Pleasant. This was a big part in learning about construction administration. We followed Tripp around as he took notes of anything that looked like it was build wrong […]

John Crayne | NOVUS | Week 11

My mentor, Andrew, and I have begun reviewing Experience Areas & Tasks in the AXP Guidelines. This week we reviewed Project Management and its tasks. I think a very important take-away from Project Management is the concept of bidding. Under certain circumstances, when a client is looking for a firm/GC to build a project, there […]

John Crayne | NOVUS | Week 10

This week, I have nearly finished filling out our index for the company to use for their smaller Revit issues. While speaking with classmates, I quickly learned that I have worked nearly 120 hours and a majority of the hours are going to the Practice Management category. I realize that I really need to branch […]

John Crayne | NOVUS | Week 9

This week I mainly worked on creating timestamps throughout the Revit Training Videos for my mentor. In the process, I have gained a better understanding of Revit and firm standards. All the Time Stamps are now going into a large index for employees to shuffle through before coming to us with small problems that can […]

John Crayne | NOVUS | Week 8

The week I began taking steps outside of just training. My training so far has consisted of Revit-Learning tutorials and sitting in on meetings with my mentor. Now that my training has passed, I get to take a deeper dive into what it takes to be a BIM Manager for a corporate firm. Andrew has […]

John Crayne | NOVUS | Jan 11th – Feb 3rd, 2022

Working with my mentor, Andrew Norton, has been enlightening. NOVUS is a Revit/BIM-based company. Andrew’s job is BIM Coordinator and my current goal as the new intern is to BIMtern. NOVUS has a thorough accumulation of standards and Revit code/models, and Andrew and I coordinate this preferred system among employees, new studios, and new projects. […]