John Crayne | NOVUS Architects | Week 5

This week with NOVUS, I am near the end of my BIM training session. Once training is over, I get to move up a little and start helping my coworkers set up their files and troubleshoot Revit issues. I am learning so much about this job every day, but I have been learning more by talking to my mentor, Andrew, and his experiences post-graduation and moving up the chain. An interesting conversation was starting your own firm. Almost every new architect at some point wants to start up their own firm and grow and expand, but, as a lead architect, sometimes the design work moves beneath the role the lead architect plays as the firm gets larger and larger. Suddenly, the job can become managing contractors, fixes and legalities, and much less about design-work. This is stemming from a larger conversation in understanding the many phases of a building project: PD, SD, DD, CD, BP, BN, and CA. These are very important categories in which I must gradually gain my experience in AXP hours to work towards my license, and NOVUS is ensuring that I will eventually get glimpses into each category as time goes on. 

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