John Crayne | NOVUS | Jan 11th – Feb 3rd, 2022

Working with my mentor, Andrew Norton, has been enlightening. NOVUS is a Revit/BIM-based company. Andrew’s job is BIM Coordinator and my current goal as the new intern is to BIMtern. NOVUS has a thorough accumulation of standards and Revit code/models, and Andrew and I coordinate this preferred system among employees, new studios, and new projects. My days have been about half and half of the things I am doing for NOVUS. I join Andrew in meetings with employees having issues with Revit and work through solutions together with the employees. In doing this we also establish and refresh updating with all current and new employees. When I am not in meetings with Andrew, he has recorded videos of his BIM-talks which shows company meetings of Andrew’s Revit tutorial from stair and handrail modeling to starting a full project in Revit from sketch to drafts to plots. This is how I have also been able to expand my Revit knowledge with Andrew if he can’t be on call with me during the day. Andrew plans on getting me comfortable with taking my own “tickets” and eventually help other employees, increasing production efficiency. 

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