John Crayne | NOVUS | Week 11

My mentor, Andrew, and I have begun reviewing Experience Areas & Tasks in the AXP Guidelines. This week we reviewed Project Management and its tasks. I think a very important take-away from Project Management is the concept of bidding. Under certain circumstances, when a client is looking for a firm/GC to build a project, there is an initial site survey where potential firms/GC’s can go survey the target site and other drawings. After analyzing what is required to build the project, a potential bid for labor and material costs, etc., can then be placed. It’s important that the bids are accurate, appealing and thorough. There always risk of over/underbidding on a project and costing yourself or the client more money than previously agreed upon. This all plays a part in knowing how to deliver on contractual agreements, budget, oversee and execute a project.

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