John Crayne | NOVUS | Week 8

The week I began taking steps outside of just training. My training so far has consisted of Revit-Learning tutorials and sitting in on meetings with my mentor. Now that my training has passed, I get to take a deeper dive into what it takes to be a BIM Manager for a corporate firm. Andrew has accumulated nearly 100 hours of video of himself teaching Revit and standards to the employees in charge of modeling buildings in Revit. These videos are roughly 1-2 hour-long videos and have been extremely helpful for learning Revit and company standards at the same time. One of my current projects to work on is to create timestamps throughout the videos. This way, if someone comes to me with a small problem, I can send them to the videos. Now that I am creating timestamps for specific topics, rather than someone combing through the entire video, they will be able t0 go directly to the time of the video that will help solve their problem. This process is becoming very important to enhancing the speed and efficiency in the office. These AXP hours should be recorded under practice management.

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