John Crayne | NOVUS | Week 9

This week I mainly worked on creating timestamps throughout the Revit Training Videos for my mentor. In the process, I have gained a better understanding of Revit and firm standards. All the Time Stamps are now going into a large index for employees to shuffle through before coming to us with small problems that can be fixed with our videos. This is proving to be great practice management to go into my AXP hours.

This week, I particularly enjoyed a meeting we had with an employee from the NOVUS Studio in the Virgin Islands. We were flipping through pictures of a residential site pre-construction, and Everette began explaining how all houses on the islands have built-in cisterns that capture freshwater for all kinds of uses in the homes. “City water” basically doesn’t exist on the island because they lack the need and the infrastructure to pump water up and down these mountaintops surrounded by the ocean.

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