John Crayne | Kevan Hoertdoerfer | Week 2

09 05 22 : 8AM – 12PM

Butcher & Bee Outdoor Patio – Commercial

Sketchup Model & Rendering

09 06 22 : 8AM – 12PM

71 Wentworth – Commercial

Site Visit / Meeting w Contractor

09 07 22 : 8AM – 12PM

Nathanson – Residential

Plans + Elevations + Sketchup Model (addition to front porch)

09 08 22 : 8AM – 12PM

Nathanson – Residential

Plans + Elevations + Sketchup Model (front porch addition + infinity pool)

09 09 22 : 8AM – 12PM

Austen – Residential

Elevations (guard rail sculptural design)

Total AXP Hours Earned: 20

Skills Learned:

This week, I learned a lot about communicating with contractors and engineers on the site visit at 71 Wentworth. The contractors, engineers and architects worked through structural and design problems. It’s important that designers are able to design abstractly in different circumstances, but in this case, architects need to know how to clearly communicate sensibly with the builders in charge of a building’s structural integrity. It’s important to know what technical or structural systems are appropriate for the context and program of a building’s design. Funky and wild architecture is fun and games until it needs to be constructed. Experiencing these conversations in real time is very humbling. I am a senior in an architectural design school, but I am still in my first year in the field.

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