Kayla Pratt – Week Eight

This week we returned to a site we visited two weeks ago to verify some site measurements. We needed to verify the size of the bathroom to see if it met accessibility requirements. It does not so we will have to figure out how to enlarge the bathroom without moving the plumbing as it is […]

Kayla Pratt – Week Seven

This week I was on vacation Monday-Wednesday and worked a full day Thursday. On Thursday I reviewed draft comments from three ARC meetings and also submittal requirements for a renovation/addition in Mount Pleasant. We have been waiting on a survey for a new home in Johns Island to verify our base flood elevation (BFE) which […]

Kayla Pratt – Week Six

Hours: 17.5     AXP: 17.5 This week I worked on completing revisions for some drawing sets; one for a new house and one for a deck and pool addition. We also went on three site visits to take measurements for as-builts. One of the site visits was for a new veterinarian hospital in John’s […]

Kayla Pratt – Week Five

Hours: 22     AXP: 22 At the beginning of the week I attended three ARB reviews for the Site Analyses I worked on previously and took notes. The review board only had some minor comments about the site analyses and in general they seemed to be happy with the direction these projects are going so now […]