03.11.19 Daily Blog and Weekly Reflection

03.11.19 Today, I worked on checking over submittals and making sure they were correct with the specs. I learned about rejecting submittals because they did not put all of the required information that the specs stated. 03.12.19 Missed work because of illness. 03.13.19 Today, I worked on elevations in autocad. I had to change the […]

2-25-19 – Daily and Weekly Blogs

2-25-19 Missed work because of studio final review. 2-26-19 Today, I did redlines in revit for a reception room renovation. 2-27-19 Today, I continued the redlines in revit for the same reception room renovation. I also made flash cards for common architectural terms to begin studying. 2-28-19 Today, I finished all of the redlines and […]