Ayla Wooten: 2/18/2019 – Daily Blogs and Weekly Reflection


Today I Completed redlines for wall section details. I learned more about wall details and how to properly draw them to show the main ideas of the design.


Today I worked in sketchup and did renderings of a medical facility. I learned how to properly render for a submittal and was also introduced to what a submittal is.


Today I worked in autocad completing redlines for a project. I learned about specs and why they are important for the job to be correct.


Today I was able to participate in a monthly site visit for a current project being built in Moncks Corner. I got to see pieces of the building construction and my mentor told me important key terms that will help me with construction of a building in the future. I learned about flashing and water drainage, as well as names of brick bonds.

Weekly Reflection

This past week I was introduced to key terms when it comes to construction of a building. I was informed on the different brick laying terms as well as flashing and window sill terms. I also was introduced to typing specs for a project and making sure they are correct and match up to the plans.

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