Olivia Wideman @ LS3P | 3.29 to 4.1

Hours: 16/17 Total: 162 This past week at LS3P i worked on RSIA.   Monday: I worked on adding tile in the bathrooms. Some areas were 12′ tall while others were only 6′ tall. These heights were important to get right because, in wet areas, they need to have good coverage. Areas with the 6′ […]

Tamaki Inahata |Design Works |Mar. 29 – Apr. 2

Weekly hours: 20 | Total Hours: 136   This week, I mainly worked on preparing for several upcoming presentations. In the Johns Island project, I worked on drawing the main section, which indicated the relation with proposed vegetation&building and views from the driveways. This drawing would help to describe the practical design for the client. I learned that […]