Maggie Gaston | Synchronicity Land + Architecture | Mar. 29 – April 2

Weekly Hours: 20

Total Hours: 140

Last week at Synchronicity I worked on a few projects that I had previously worked on this semester. We had been waiting on a few documents from civil before we could proceed with design and they finally sent them over. Since we had those files, we had more information and could get some conceptual designs flowing. I mainly worked on creating a tree schedule to send to the arborist so we can confirm the tree species and health. This will help determine what trees should be protected on site and which trees should be removed due to poor health. After I completed the tree schedule I learned how to make a planting design theme board for the client. I did this in Indesign and provided the names and images of the selected plant species that will be used within the design. I learned a good bit last week when it comes to PUD design and how important it is to communicate with the architects within the office! I will get to work on these projects more in the upcoming week so I am looking forward to it!

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