Breland Land | Haute Design | 3.29.21-4.2.21

Hours: 12

This week I spent most of my time creating a product binder for a client. This was upon request by the client and not something the office typically does. I took the pieces of furniture and lighting for each room in the house, printed them out and sorted them out by each room so that the client can easily flip through the pieces they have ordered. This is one of the many ways that I have learned that each client is different and everyone needs a different technique in order to visualize a space.

I also went to pick up some LVT samples for an elevator, organized the library again and started an elevation for Stafford for a TV wall in a game room. I also went through all of our old vendor catalogues and cleared out a lot of shelf space and helped me become more familiar with the vendors that we work with. I was also there when the Century representative visited and helped update all of our catalogues. This was as interesting part of practice I had not been able to see before now!

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